Canonisation of Fr George Vakayil

The Catholic Church in Kerala is set to get another Saint with the Vatican initiating the process of Canonisation of Fr George Vakayil. Marking the first step towards being canonised, Fr Vakayil, who died 82 years ago,  will be declared a ‘Servant of God’ on September 1.

Fr Vakayil was a parish priest under the Archdiocese of Verapoly. According to  Verapoly vicar General Fr Alex Vadakkumthala, Fr Vakayil is an ordinary priest, who lived a blessed life.

“Fr Vakayil lived a holy life. People still go to his tomb and pray. They have borne testimonials of many miracles after praying at his tomb at St Mary Magdalene’s Church, Maradu. The church has never initiated any enterprise of this sort. It is the people who spread words of miracles through the intercession of Fr Vakayil. This prompted the diocesan authorities to look into it and inform the Vatican,” he said.

Fr Vadakkumthala said that the process leading to canonisation begins at the diocesan level with the Vatican’s approval. An inspection will be opened to inquire into the virtues of the individual. There should be eye witnesses and accounts for all the miracles taking place in his name. Fr Vakayil will be declared a Servant of God by the Archbishop of  Verapoly Francis Kallarakkal at St Mary Magdalene’s Church, Marad.